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The town of Neebo's Landing is an overgrown market town of approximately 750 people. It is located along the river Orobrech midway between Chalcedon and the southern port town of Starhaven. It is held by the Korikyre Gawain Whitehawk. Whitehawk actually spends most of his time in Starhaven, leaving his steward Kiztek in charge of the town affairs.

The Town is primarily an agriculture and fishing town. The produce is mainly cereal grains and fish, but a substantial crop of river apples, water silk and keleos nuts augment this. The town trades with both the boat men who travel up and down the river between Chalcedon and Starhaven and with those traveling merchants who disembark at Neebo's Landing and take the road south to avoid Starhaven's high port tax.

The streets are narrow and unpaved. The widest are barely wide enough for two carts to pass. There are no sewers and, though it is technically against the law, many people empty their chamber pots out the window into the street. (The more law-abiding sort collect their dung in midden heaps which are used to fertilize the fields and gardens.)

Most of the houses are two or three stories and may have an attic room. They are narrow and very close together to provide the most open space possible within the city walls. Only a few of the richest houses are made of stone or brick. The rest are of half-timber construction. This means they are framed in large wooden timbers, walled with woven sticks and reeds (wattle), then they are "daubed" over with either mud or plaster. Behind each house one may find a garden and /or an animal enclosure. The animals kept are mostly fowls--chickens, ducks and geese (which are better than dogs as guard animals)--and occasionally may include a couple of cows, or pigs or sheep.

Most merchants and craftsmen live and work in the same building. The ground floor is the shop. Its windows have long horizontal shutters that open to form a counter and awning through which the owner conducts business. The owner's family lives in the rooms over the shop. Should there be any extra rooms in the building, they are rented out.

More information will be presented in the future, but it should be assumed that any building not listed below is a private residence. Along the River Road and lower Market Avenue, the residents are mostly fishing families. Along upper Market Avenue and Caravan Drive most are farmers. Castle and Wall streets have a mix that tends toward the wealthier merchants and city officials.

  1. Alchemist -- (4, River) has a successful "vivifier" (fertilizer) business mostly run by two apprentices. He also makes plenty of extra money selling love philters and potency potions.
  2. Armorer -- (18, River) mostly makes chain for korikyr Whitehawk's soldiers (and the rich) and brigandine for anyone else who can afford it. He works with the tailor on Market to fashion the arming jackets.
  3. Baker (2, Market)
  4. Barber (4, Wall)
  5. Barber (15, Castle)
  6. Boatwrite -- (11, River) makes small watercraft and rafts. He has a cousin in Starhaven and can broker deals for larger boats.
  7. Bowyer/Fletcher -- (16, River) mostly makes his money as a fletcher and has a wide variety of arrows for hunting a variety of game from fowling arrows to stag hunting arrows. He also makes armored arrows for Korikyr whose shafts break on impact (so the enemy cannot fire them back). Though he doesn't make as many, he is a master bowyer who makes exquisite bows. Even the cheapest are strong and reliable.
  8. Brewer (4, Market)
  9. Butcher -- (2, Caravan) has a magic locker that keeps the meat from spoilage. This allows him to provide a greater variety of meat than he might otherwise be able to keep. He never reveals the age of the cut. He also makes excellent sausage.
  10. Carters -- (25, Caravan) owns several wagon teams and makes regular runs to Starhaven and back for merchants who wish to avoid the high port tax.
  11. Dustman (2, River) Groden Thosman Smithers who collects trash twice a week in a small cart and takes it to the dump.
  12. Freeblades, 8 (Locations vary) -- mercenaries who hire themselves out to caravans, the carters and others as guards.
  13. Furrier -- (18,Castle)
  14. Furrier -- (26, Caravan) makes regular trips to Starhaven.
  15. Furrier -- (28, Market) stores up a year's worth and sells them to a regular trader who heads north to Chalcedon.
  16. Caravansary -- (1, Caravan) mostly a place to pen animals as they pass through. Will allow members of the caravan who rents pens to camp on the same grounds. The caravansary does offer some basic supplies useful to travelers.
  17. Carpenter -- (7, Wall)
  18. Carpenter -- (32, Market)
  19. Cartwrite/Wheelwrite -- (27, Caravan)
  20. Cooper -- (18, Caravan) this is a large shop that employs a half-dozen people. They make barrels primarily for the fishermen, but also for produce and (of course) the brewer.
  21. Chandler -- (16, Market)
  22. Chandler -- (32, Caravan)
  23. Dyer/Mercer -- (10, Castle) also imports cloth from Starhaven.
  24. Diviner -- (2, River)
  25. Fishmonger -- (40, Market) most fishermen sell their catch daily along the wharf, this one also smokes or salts them for export.
  26. Glazier -- (5, Wall) makes bottles, fishing floats, and occasionally, windowpanes for the rich. Every year, at the feast of Arak, he gives away hundreds of marbles and other curiosities.
  27. Greengrocer -- (33, Market) most produce is sold in the weekly market, this grocer sells to the poor who have no land (and thus no garden) of their own and also imports rare produce (especially fruits) from outside the area.
  28. Healer -- (27, Market)
  29. Hieromancer -- (1, Castle)
  30. Horsetrader -- (21, Caravan) has stables for rent, will try to get renters to "trade up" to better horses.
  31. Herbalist -- (29, Market)
  32. Inn -- (22, Market)
  33. Inn -- (17, Caravan)
  34. Jeweler -- (8, Wall)
  35. Lumberer (14, River)
  36. Mason -- (10, Wall)
  37. Mercantiler -- (7, Market) Harcor Mercantile is a large store with a wide variety of goods for sale.
  38. Midwife -- ( )
  39. Miller -- (14, Caravan) most people, especially farmers, grind their own grain. Some, who must buy their grain, are willing to pay a little extra to buy it pre-ground. The miller, however, is not able to charge much more than his expenses and so barely makes ends meet.
  40. Oil Presser -- (3, Market) presses keleos nuts for their oil. Keleos nuts produce a food-grade oil that is also suitable for burning in lamps.
  41. Outfitter -- (15, River) the store is disorganized and cluttered, though one may sometimes find amazing stuff thrown in at random.
  42. Potter -- (5, River)
  43. Potter -- (7, Caravan)
  44. Ropemaker -- (9, River)
  45. Sailmaker -- (8, River)
  46. Shoemaker -- (12, Wall) since her husband "got ill" (became an alcoholic) she has taken over the business and is widely recognizes as the best shoe fitter in town. Because men are reluctant to go to her, she specializes in women's shoes.
  47. Shoemaker -- (8, Caravan)
  48. Shoemaker -- (11, Market)
  49. Shoemaker -- (6, River)
  50. Shoemaker -- (1, Wall)
  51. Smith, black -- (11, Caravan) Makes a lot of nails, horseshoes and chains, though he is a quite capable and versatile smith.
  52. Smith, weapon -- (17, River) has a number of swords on display but mostly makes knifes and polearms.
  53. Steward, Drakyr's -- (22, Caravan) has daily services for one of each of the high lords and is especially busy on market days when offerings are brought.
  54. Steward, Rutan's -- (21, Market) offers free blessings of animals and crops for all sworn to Rutan, otherwise requires a donation up front. He also keeps the village bull, boar, ram and stallion for breeding purposes.
  55. Tack & Harness -- (23, Caravan) can also make saddles and do other fine work with leather.
  56. Tanner -- (1, River)
  57. Tavern -- (10, River) The River Rat Tavern (and Tobacco Shop), run by Captain Powers
  58. Tavern -- (13, Castle) The White Hawk Tavern
  59. Tavern -- (10, Caravan) The Broken Wheel Tavern
  60. Tailor -- (13, Market) makes ordinary clothes in addition to arming jackets for the weapon's smith's customers. He can make a nice Aketon for those who can't afford better armor.
  61. Tailor -- (3, Wall) lord Whithawk's personal tailor (when he's in town). Doesn't talk to anyone who can't pay in handfuls of silver.
  62. Tailor -- (30, Caravan) most of his business is repairing or selling garments to travelers. He can also fashion a serviceable tent.
  63. Thaumaturge -- (20, Castle) a wealthy mage who mostly lives in luxury while his two apprentices carry on the work of caring for the plants and animals of the area.
  64. Water Carrier -- (13, Caravan) one man and three sons load up a wagon with large water jugs and sells water door to door.
  65. Weaver -- (31, Caravan)
  66. Weaver -- (7, Castle) an expert at weaving "water silk".
  67. Weaver, baskets -- (12, Market) she makes very artistic baskets that are very popular and sell well in the weekly market.

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