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Prehistory--It is generally believed that when the Overlord called "The Lord of the Mountain" by the humans and "Iyahm" or "Father Creator" by the Faeyn prepared to create the universe, he first revealed his plan to his engineers (the elementals). They were all delighted and amazed, but one spirit being called "Shiva Kael" by the humans or "Synngeal" by the Faiyn was not. It was Synngael's job to hold the mantle of the Overlord's glory to ensure that all bowed before it, and he was not happy that the Overlord should abase himself by creating children for himself out of dust and then elevating them even above his servants. Synngael took the mantle and placed it upon himself, to assume the authority of the Overlord and stop the construction, burning himself horribly by the act. He then fled the presence of the Overlord, appearing before the Elemental Lords sewing dissension until civil war broke out. The Overlord himself stopped the fighting, took up his mantle and dredged it through the elemental chaos the now fallen lords had created. In the mantle was found the world Anghar suspended like a fish in a net over the Void. The rebellious servants were cast into the Void that was left behind to serve as their prison. This net is said to be the grid of magical energy that surrounds the world called "Xaris" (pronounced KAR-is).

Another story tells how, after creating the world, the Lord established his mountain in the east. There he held court and lived with his newest creation, Mann. Those spirits, which neither rebelled nor turned against the rebels he cast out into the world to await their judgement, either to be restored to His court or to be cast into the Void. During this time of waiting, Mann was to wait upon the mountain. (The stories here are unclear whether this was a single man or a single tribe of men.) But Mann did not obey. Persuaded by the whisperings of Synngael, he left the mountain and incurred the Lord's judgement on those cast out into the world. Mann was forbidden, on pain of being cast into the Void, to return to the Lord's court and the way back up the mountain was hidden. However as each soul returns to its Creator upon death, the Lord offered to suspend judgement on all who swore allegiance to the Lord of the Mountain and the One he would send to guide them in their return.

For hundreds of generations, young boys would be taken into the wilderness surrounding the mountain to spend a few days alone in the wild as a rite of passage. The secret hope of each boy, and of each tribe, was that one of these boys would be chosen to be the One and would have the path of return revealed to him so that he could lead the people back up the mountain.

First Age--A 2000 year period often called "The Age of Chaos" was marked by a series of 8 empires as each of the 8 human races rose to dominance, over the same east-coast area. It is at this time that the Crysknights appeared to protect mankind from the elemental forces each of which sought to ally itself with one of the races in an effort to dominate the rest of mankind, the world, and then the other elemental planes.

The age ended when the High Mountain was destroyed during the Elemental War of the Anarch (causing no small theological crisis). The Crysknights are destroyed but the dragons, which had been created by Phylax some years earlier, step in to protect mankind.

Second Age--A 2000-year period known as "The Age of Law." The Dragon Lords, warriors who had sworn service to the dragons, established law and order and attempted to unite the various races of Mann, leading them away from the ravaged East Coast in fulfillment of an ancient prophecy.

Third Age--The current age sometimes called "The Age of Peace." The eight human races have been temporarily stopped in their westward march by the Burning Wastes and by the introduction of the Sammahran Heresy. They have grown numerous and prosperous, centering around six large metropolises collectively known as "The Six Cities of Mann".

Fourth Age--An age prophesized to come in which all of creation will be reconciled with its creator.