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The so called "Dark Races" are the desendants of those who sided with the N'kroi. It is generally believed they are descendants of humans, but many feel they can only be descended from the Booka, Duergar and Faeyn. Wherever they come from, they worship the N'kroi as gods, frequently sacrificing capture slaves and even their own children in an attempt to gain power and wealth.

Many scholars believe that gobolyns (or gobos as they are sometimes called) are descended from Booka who had sworn service to Skotro of the N'kroi. It is this dark and twisted Lord who has marked their flesh with the disproportionately large head, hands and feet, and short legs. More disturbing than their outward deformity is the deformity of their souls, which delight in chaos and suffering.

Individually, a gobolyn is not much more than a nuisance, but in large numbers, they are malicious and dangerous. Gobos usually live in forests or other wilderness. Omnivores, they enjoy eating strange things and reproduce until they drive out all other animals and strip or spoil the vegetation. Hungry, they will fight among themselves until their society comes apart, dissolving into roving bands which spread out until they find a new area to infest. The first sign of a gobolyn society about to break up is often individual or small groups of gobos stealing or ruining foodstuff from nearby human farms. They will also harass, wound or steal livestock. Sometimes they will capture young human children (especially males between the ages of 7 and 14), which if they survive, can sometimes become warlords and source of many half-gobos.

Disreputable humans and other races will sometimes trade with gobos, since they often have access to rare plants or minerals located in environments that humans would find difficult to endure. Trading with gobos is very dangerous because they have natural illusory abilities and gobolyn gold is more often than not, merely trash. In addition to the obvious dangers of encouraging gobos to settle and trade near human lands, large numbers of gobos tend to project an aura of fear and paranoia causing other races to abandon their lands. It is not known whether this aura is a conscious work of sorcery or mearly a natural product of their natures.

Gobolyns have many of the same abilities and limitations as the Booka. however, they trade the Booka's natural defenses against Xaris for a natural ability to perform sorcery. Individually, their powers are not strong and tend to be used in an almost random fashion (frequently they distort their appearance further in an attempt to frighten their enemies--and because they enjoy it). Gobos as mages are known, but rare. For an example of a gobolyn encounter, click here.

Boggarts are an aquatic variation of the gobolyns. they have frog-like heads and webbed hands and feet. They tend to be solitary creatures who lure their prey into marshes and bogs through the subtle use of illusion to alter the terrain and cause their victims to get lost. They finish them off with a poisonous bite from their small harp teeth.

Bogglyns are gobolyn/boggart cross breeds. They are solitary and surprisingly large and tough creatures. They are non-poisonous and rarely found near water. Gobolyns kill young bogglyns on site.