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The Character Questionnaire

(This page is purposefully formatted in rather boring black and white so that you may print it out and fill it in at your leisure. You don't have to answer every question, but the more details you give the better your character will be fleshed out and the easier it will be to run him/her.)

Physical Description

  1. Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Height
  4. Weight
  5. Body Type
  6. Physical Condition (fit, unfit, somewhere in between?)
  7. Eye Color and Shape
  8. Vision
  9. Hair Color and Style
  10. Race/Ethnic Group/Tribe
  11. Distinguishing Features
  12. Physical Imperfections (would most like to change)
  13. Scars/Marks (size, shape and location)

History / Background

  1. Place of Origin
  2. Patron Lord
  3. Mother, Father and Surviving Siblings
  4. Family Profession(s)
  5. Family Social Class/Standing
  6. Family Land Holdings Or Special Possession(s)
  7. Education/Training
  8. Current Occupation
  9. Income
  10. Past Occupation(s)
  11. Special Talents/Skills (especially unusual ones--they don't have to be important ones)
  12. Area(s) Of Expertise
  13. Military Experience
  14. Ever been arrested? (if so, for what?)
  15. Most painful event(s) in his/her life
  16. Happiest moment(s) in his/her life
  17. What lead to his/her seeking an adventurer's life?

Personality (be sure to indicate the most significant traits--both positive and negative)

  1. Memory (good/bad)
  2. Intelligence (high/low/in between)
  3. Wisdom (deep thinker/shallow)
  4. Organization (obsessed/focused/relaxed/confused)
  5. Wit (sharp/clever/awkward/boring)
  6. Will (domineering/determined/accommodating/spineless)
  7. Friendships (none/a few shallow/many shallow/a few deep/many deep)
  8. Speaking Style (loud, verbose, crude, formal, taciturn, soft-spoken)
  9. Mode Of Dress/Baring
  10. Personality (warm and friendly/cold and aloof)
  11. Trust (paranoid/cautious/trusting/gullible)
  12. Honesty/Loyalty
  13. Temperament (depressed, angry, irritated, nervous, thoughtful, playful, optimistic)

Opinions and Attitudes

  1. Favorite Food
  2. Favorite Drink
  3. Favorite Game/Sport
  4. Favorite type of tavern/inn
  5. Favorite Activity
  6. Favorite Phrases/Sayings
  7. Hobbies/Interests
  8. Quirks/Rituals
  9. Common Gestures
  10. Bad Habits/Vices
  11. Pet Peeves/Gripes
  12. Attitudes toward the various human and non-human races
  13. Attitudes toward other professions
  14. Attitudes toward the social classes
  15. Attitudes toward the High Lords/Hierarchy
  16. Attitude toward the law
  17. Attitude toward injustice
  18. Attitude toward death (in general--how does s/he react in the presence of death/dying)
  19. Attitude toward the opposite sex
  20. Attitude toward sex
  21. Attributes preferred in the opposite sex
  22. Attributes distasteful in the opposite sex
  23. Attitude toward children/pets/animals
  24. Attitude toward hard work
  25. Attitude toward money
  26. Attitude toward physical discomfort
  27. General Prejudices
  28. Buttons (what makes him/her: angry, irritated, embarrassed, uncomfortable, fearful, sad, happy...)
  29. Control (how does s/he deal with: anger, irritation, embarrassment, discomfort, fear, sadness, joy...)
  30. Short Term Needs (even if s/he doesn't know it)
  31. Short Term Goals
  32. Long Term Needs (even if s/he doesn't know it)
  33. Long Term Goals

How Would S/He...?

  1. Walk down the street
  2. Enter a room
  3. Greet a friend
  4. Greet an enemy
  5. Face the possibility of his/her death
  6. Face the certainty of his/her death
  7. Face the death of a friend
  8. Face a permanent disability
  9. React to a bribe
  10. React to a threat
  11. React to seduction
  12. React to the opportunity to commit a crime and get away with it