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Liam Greylock

Personality: 2(4)

Physicality: 1

Vitality: 2

Mentality: 5

Spirituality: 6

MWL: 10

MXL: 20

PL: 8

LF: 2





















Professional (Magery)



Professional (renegade)



Analyze Magery



Get Information



Learn magery






R/W schemas




Liam grew up as a street rat in the southern port city of Starhaven. He was taken in by a kindly old thief named Bothor who saw potential in the boy and trained him in the ways of thieves, especially as a con man. As Liam grew older and bolder, he ventured out on his own and accidentally spoiled another's thief's attempt to rob a man's house. The thief was from a gang known as the clan of the shadowed hand. They were already upset with Bothor and Liam's poaching in their territory, so the thief that caught Liam cut off the last two fingers of his right hand ruining is promising career. When he returned home, he found Bothor murdered as well.

Turning to drink, then to drugs, Liam shrank into the twilight existence of the desperate and exploited. At this point a necromancer named Lezarr came along, and seeing some usefulness in this ruin of a man, took him in and healed his body. But as he involved Liam in his strange experiments, Liam found his mind fuzzy and distorted. Healed of his addictions, Liam tried once to focus his mind and will to stand against Lezarr and demand his freedom. He was beaten, tortured and given a slave's brand of the house of Lezarr on the back of his good hand.

For a long time Liam helped Lezarr in his work, sometimes as an assistant or unwilling subject, sometimes as a resource or an element of the spell. He was drained and used up by this work, but gradually he came to see the patterns of the art and even learn something of magery. When at last he felt knowledgeable enough to strike back, he altered one of the components Lezarr frequently used. He buried the memory of his treachery deep in his mind. But the day finally came when Lezarr reached for the contaminated power, ingested it, and lost control of the schema he was forming. The spirits of the Void entered him, and broke his mind. As Lezarr raved, Liam escaped taking his staff and grymoire. But Lezarr called out to him, telling him that he could not escape, that he had already joined the house of Lezarr and that he might as well go ahead and die. Liam has no idea what this means, but he desperate searches Lezarr's grymoire hoping to find the secret of his family's curse and to understand the nature of the work Lezarr (and himself) was involved in. A few years later Lezarr, in an apparent suicide attempt, threw himself in the Oroubrech and was washed out to sea. That's when Liam found he was legally adopted into house Lezarr as well. Though at this point he small inheritance has nearly been spent.

Liam appears to be of Rahidyn descent, though he is unsure as to what race he is. He has the tall, slight build, large eyes, dark hair and light complexion of the Rahidyn. One of his most distinguishing features is his mismatched eyes. One is green and the other light blue. Liam tends to be rather quiet and what little he says comes out gruff due to his self-pity and failing health. He is intelligent, a little arrogant and cynical. He has a wry sense of humor and delights in making small trouble for people and playing tricks. He is trained as a con-artist and can turn on the charm when he wants though he usually doesn't bother. He has no qualms with exploiting (or even killing) people who have no direct bearing on his life. His immediate reaction to newcomers is hostile, and it takes him a while to warm up to people, especially cheerful ones. However, he is fiercely loyal to those with whom he has established a relationship.