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Jerrico Silver Human Mercenary

Personality: 2

Physicality: 5

Vitality: 6

Mentality: 5

Spirituality: 1

MWL: 20

MXL: 10

PL: 8

LF: 2

































One-Hand arms
















 Jerrico was horribly scared in the face and hands during a fire that was caused by an ogre raid. He got the burns from trying to save his father and mother from the fire. He failed. As he was lost in his anguish an ogre was near the farm. In a rage Jerrico assaulted the ogre scarring the beast in a flurry of scratches. It got away, leaving a bloody trail behind. That night Jerrico made a vow to avenge his parents death. He was going to destroy the entire Ogre race, and anyone who got in his way.

After his wounds healed he donned a mask of cloth and set out to fulfill his vow. Using the knowledge that his father had given him of weapons and tactics, Jerrico set out to kill all the ogres. His father had first been a soldier, then a mercenary, and finally settling down as a farmer and carpenter.

Jerrico wears only black, from his leather armor and black cloth mask. As far as Jerrico's personality, plainly put, Jerrico is a jerk. He is not afraid to tell the truth to any one from a high lord to a dying peasant. He hates useless talk, especially talk that is full of lies. In battle, he will do what ever is necessary to win a fight from sand in someone's eyes to striking from behind. Jerrico's major weakness is his desire to kill all dark races. He will abandon his job to kill one if he thought he had a chance of succeeding. In the heat of battle he WILL NOT stop until all dark ones are dead, regardless of friends and partners. Jerrico does have a paranoid streak, which he keeps in check but which also keeps him distant from most people.

He owns, from his father, a whitesteel sword and reinforced leather armor. He sold his father's farm for the money to buy a battle trained horse and four throwing knives, a battle staff, and heavy cross bow. The rest of the money is hidden in a special place on the farm. Jerrico usually doesn't show loyalty to any one but does feel a slight urge to Whitehawk, who was his family's lord. He was raised under Rutan, but when he swore vengeance he dedicated himself to Phylax. Physically, Jerrico stands 6' 2" tall and weighs 239 pounds. He has Ice blue eyes. Most of his other features are hidden by the mask that he wears to hide his scars.