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Anghar means "home of misery". It is a world that belongs to the dark races; a world where humans are the aliens who must fight to survive. After millennia of wandering, the humans have finally carved out a home territory on the edge of the Burning Wastes. The year is now 1016 of the Third Age. For the last thousand years the humans have defended their lands against the onslaught of the dark races, but they are beginning to run out of room. An outpost has been established on the southern coast that has grown into a metropolis called Starhaven. But in-between Starhaven and the cities of the north is vast danger-filled wilderness. One town, Neebo's Landing, stands as a vital link between the two. Neebo's Landing must be held against the forces of darkness to allow trade and resources to flow along the river Ourobrech. If it cannot be held, the human expansion will be stopped and even the vital city of Starhaven may be lost.

Welcome to Dark Horde Rising, a Play-By-Email game using the ARG roleplay system. We currently do not have any openings in this game, however, that may change. If you would like to join the mailing list for the game, you can follow along. Any openings will be announced there first. We also have a need for others to host a game both live and by email. If you are interested, email us at