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Drakon Aveayn, a Thraeyn of the WaveHopper tribe



Mentality- 2

Spirituality- 5

Vitality- 6

MwL- 20

MxL- 18

Piety- 12

LF- 4

Background- Locale- Sea Social class- upper peasant Profession- Practitioner/mercenary. Works for stewards

Conceptual story- As the Middle child of the prominent Thraeyn family, the Aveayns, he learned how to handle himself. This sibling learning was especially difficult for him due to his handicaps. His handicaps have always been retardedness and being short. Although he is only three feet tall at the age of 25, he has a big goal. He has been on a quest to become a "man" for a little over five years. The wavehopper philosophy on becoming a "man" is to become as good as you can at what your family does. The Aveayns are farmers by name, but Drakon doesn't like the idea of that. He had tried for about a year or two at it. He was pitiful at it, but met some stewards. He began to work for them. The stewards had taught him as much as he would need to know and as much as he could handle of magic and Xaris. The stewards, also, let him learn about fighting skills as well. He is a low grade, but excellent Practitioner/mercenary. His friends are traditional wavehoppers and the stewards.

Skills Groups (base scores)

Athletics: 6 Stealth: 4 Social: 3 Mage: 4


Endurance: 5 running: 4 acrobatics: 3

Magery: 2 learn magery: 6 read/write magery: 4 Detect Xaris: 4

Warrior: 2 2-handed weapons: 4 Strategy/tactics: 5 Unarmed combat: 4

Animal: 2 Handling: 4 Riding: 4