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The Archives

This is the area where we record the adventures of our intrepid characters. The GR will collect the turns until he has enough for a "chapter" then post them here for all to enjoy. How often they will be posted will depend on the number of players and rate of play in the game.


BOOK ONE -- Gobolyn Sign

  1. At TheCity's Gates
  2. Jerrico Returns
  3. Phase Gets A Job
  4. Inside The River Rat
  5. Felix Arrives
  6. Drakon Gets Lost & Finds Trouble
  7. Preparing For The Hunt

BOOK TWO -- Night Sacrifices

  1. A Midnight Messenger
  2. Fresh Mounts and False Starts
  3. Stooton Slough
  4. Hot Words and Cold Cuts
  5. Of Cows and Corn
  6. Flock's Lost Box