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Aug./Sept. 00--Bowing to the pressures of work, family, school, and a possible job change and cross-country move... we've decided to put the PBEM/system/web development on hold for a while until things calm down. We will be hoping to rework the entire system and begin testing sometime next year.

June/July 00--Begun extensive redevelopment of the whole system. Finally settled on the new attributes for both the simple/detailed versions of the game. Begun reworking the damage/armor figures. We are considering waiting until the d20 reference document is released to see if it is possible to make the d20 source material easily translatable to the ARG System.

April/May 00--Playtesting via the Dark Horde Rising PBEM has revealed that the damage figures being used are too low. We've developed and posted a survey for the KOTDP group with two different approaches for dealing with damage. Opinions so far are mixed as to the approach to take, though everyone so far agrees that it does need to be changed. Other then some continued development offline, (and Talus has finally gotten back to writing some fiction which we hope to have up eventually...) not much has changed. :)

Feb./March 00--Most of Feb. was taken up with developing the new Tabletop RPG Community at of which our esteemed leader is the community guide. March saw the beginning of a complete site redesign and the addition of a new section entitled the Philosophy of RPG Design and the complete redesign of the Knights of the Dragon's Pearl site. This list doesn't include the usual site maintenence stuff such as updating the PBEM archives.

Dec. 99/Jan. 2000--No its NOT the new millenium yet. Still, things have been very busy and we've neglected to post an update. The big news was that our site was selected as a Tripod Supersite! Due to the significant boost in traffic expected, we felt it was past time to go through the whole site and weed out the typos and other errors and omissions. The PBEM archives were updated and a new map of the area around Neebo's Landing was added to the World of Anghar section. We also added some .wav files to help with the pronunciation of some of the race names. Though not strictly RPG related, we added reviews of the best SF&F books around with links to (because we were also making out our Christmas lists) we also included reviews of some cool movies, and music as well.

Oct./Nov. 99--Plenty of updates, we just forgot to update this page! Changes include, an archive of posts from the Dark Horde Rising PBEM game in the PBEM section, along with some additional character sheets and equipment information. We've added more information on Neebo's Landing, including a tour of River Road in the World of Anghar section. Other additions to the WOA section include information on economics.

September 99--The PBEM game, Dark Horde Rising, has begun! We've added a map and information on Neebo's Landing (the game's setting) in the World of Anghar Section. We've also added a page that will allow players to join the mail list for the game and a die rolling page in the PBEM section as well as fixed a problem with the forms for the Knights of the Dragon's Pearl application. Site development *may* slow down a bit as we concentrate on the game.

August 99--Our Tripod site won the best of Pod. The town of Neebo's Landing is added to the World of Anghar Section. We designed two banners for the site for those who want to link to us. They may be found on the Miscellaneous page.

July 99--Major updates! Redesigned the front page for easier navigation and a cleaner look. Added the official site for the Knights of the Dragon's Pearl, including a message board for game development. Added the PBEM site and the java-based forms which allow players to roll up a character, apply skill points and then email them to us! Whew!

June 99--Expanded the information on the Hierarchy and the dark Races in the World of Anghar. Began blind testing of the game's basic version and accepting players for the forthcoming PBEM game.

May 99--Redesigned the entire site to include the new information and added the application for the Knights of the Dragon's Pearl

April 99--Took a couple months off to redesign the entire game system. We haven't begun redesigning the site yet, but we have included a link to a downloadable copy.

January 99--Added some information on magic, more information on the world of Anghar. Already won an award for the page on dragons. Added a link to an author's page. We're already considering redesigning the attributes for a more systematic approach. Finally found a decent, free, world mapping program which you can download here.

December 98--redesigned homepage to take out animation and replace large graphic with a pseudo-image map. Uploaded information on The World of Anghar and the dragons, including the dragon webring page.

October 98--redesigned site before it was even uploaded (included java), uploaded general information, and sections on character generation, skills and combat.

August 98--began converting the system to HTML for posting on this site. Splash page posted just to show off the anigifs.

June 98--A chance conversation in prompted the author to dust off an earlier attempt to combine the "to hit" and "damage" rolls into a single roll by converting the entire system to a percentile-based system.

1992--the ARG system went through a major redevelopment, streamlining many of the rules. Most of the tables were replaced with simple formulas. Magic was re-designed as a skill-based system. An experiment was even conducted with replacing number-based character stats with labels.

Mid 1980's--after amassing numerous binders full of notes, for a hybrid of several gaming systems, the whole thing was dumped and the ARG system was developed from scratch.

Mid 1970's--the groundwork for the ARG system was prepared in the form of a series of notes, add-ons and various house rules to AD&D.